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    When i search my db i sometimes takes long time. <BR>i want the user to know that the search is going on by <BR>having some code that says "Searching"<BR>

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    Default 2 ways come to mind

    I won&#039;t give you the code but here are the two ways I have completed that task.<BR><BR>First, using JavaScript and CSS. Set the visiblity of a table with your Searching message to none (the location of the table doesn&#039;t matter as you can use javascript to center it). On the submit button, execute a function. The function should center the Searching table, make it visible and submit the form.<BR><BR>Second, on the page that displays the results, put a Searching message in a &#060;div&#062; tag. Make sure that the message isn&#039;t embedded in any elements that need to be sent completly to the browser before it is rendered (IE putting it in the table that displays the results). Use the document onload to hide your Searching method.<BR><BR>I hope this gives you some direction.

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    HOw do I use this onload method?<BR>

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