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    I try to connect to an MySQL db and get the following error:<BR><BR>ADODB.Connection.1 error &#039;80004005&#039;<BR><BR>SQLState: IM003<BR>Native Error Code: 80<BR>Specified driver could not be loaded<BR><BR>/db_open.asp, line 18<BR><BR><BR>ConnString = <BR>"Driver={MySQL};SERVER=localhost;DATABASE=main db;UID=****;PASSWORD=***"<BR>Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Conn.Op en ConnString &#060;---- line 18<BR><BR>The db is on an win2k box.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Dn<BR><BR> <BR><BR>

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    Seach with the error number the server is returning, this might shed more light!<BR>

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