I have created a javascript function that is called on loading of my asp page.<BR><BR>I am receiving an array from a different page that needs formatting back into an array. In order to do this I need to find the delimiter (in this case a comma (,)) and to split the word prior to this delimiter and place in an array element. Then to proceed doing this until the string has been processed.<BR><BR>However, I seem to have got my code a bit wrong but don&#039;t know where the problem lies can you help?<BR><BR> function FormatArray()<BR> {<BR> var myarray;<BR> var int;<BR> var formatarray; <BR> var index;<BR> var string = window.document.submitform.selectedkeywords.value; <BR> var search;<BR> var tempstring;<BR> var value;<BR> <BR> formatarray = new Array();<BR><BR> search = ",";<BR><BR> Do while value &#060; string.length <BR> <BR> value = string.indexOf(search, index);<BR> tempstring = string.slice(index, value);<BR> formatarray(int) = tempstring;<BR> <BR> int++;<BR> index = value;<BR> <BR> Loop<BR> <BR> //do some other stuff once array is intact<BR> <BR> // For visual purposes <BR> myarray = window.document.submitform.selectedkeywords.value. split(",");<BR> window.document.submitform.selectedkeywords.value = myarray.join(" + "); <BR> }<BR>