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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I&#039;m developing an application in which people can request an online quote for an certain product. People get to choose their own currency and the price is shown in that currency, so far so good. On my developmentserver everthing works fine with the exchange rates, but on the productionserver an exchangerate of 0.004395 is turned into 4395. I think the problems is in the locale settings for the decimal separator (either . or ,) <BR>The dev-server has an English OS, while the productionserver has an Dutch OS. Since this application has to be deployed to multiple (intranet)servers I was wondering if anyone could come up with an solution to this? I would like to use the . as an decimal separator, independent from the locale settings of the webserver.<BR><BR>Peter

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    Default <shame> Nevermind </shame>

    Of course! I should set the session.lcid<BR><BR>Kinda slipt my mind for a few minutes ;-)<BR><BR>

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    set the session.LCID to be 2057 which is the UK. This will then treat a . as the decimal separator and you should be OK. <BR><BR>The one problem you will have is that any currency fields will display with a £ sign.<BR><BR>Another way around this is to switch the LCID&#039;s on the page. So whenever you get data from the server or save it back, you set the LCID to whatever the server wants, but when you display it to the user, you use whatever their preffered format is.<BR><BR>So for France you would display 12.366,25<BR>When in the UK it would display 12,366.25<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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