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    Default Very Slow IIS ???

    I have a win2k web server colocated at my web host, my web pages all of a sudden started to download slowe, it&#039;s not my web hosts bandwith because i can get to many other web sites on there network fast. Any idea why this would be happening? is there any way i can speed it up? <BR><BR>Server Specs: Dell poweredge 1400 866mhz 256ram 18gb scsi <BR><BR>Someone please help.<BR>Thank you

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    Default perhaps code red?

    are you patched?

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    Default Memoryleak?

    Maybe one of your pages is &#039;eating up&#039; memory, or there is some other sort of memoryleak? Can you get to the taskmanager to see the available memory?<BR><BR>If possible I would try an reboot of the server (not just IIS)and see if this improves the speed again..<BR><BR>Peter

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    Default Loads of reasons.

    There are loads of reasons why IIS would slow down. Atrax&#039;s response is possible I guess, although most ISPs automatically patch their servers on a regular basis, especially with the hype of Code Red.<BR><BR>There are other reasons why IIS would be slow. Main reasons would be badly-coded ASP or Perl code. If you don&#039;t clean up after yourself in terms of destroying objects then a site with a lot of traffic will simply collapse.<BR><BR>Another thing I came across once was if you have a DLL which misbehaves - enters a loop or something and never comes out - IIS does not automatically destroy it. You must physically stop and start IIS or sometimes even reboot.<BR><BR>There are so many reasons. If it&#039;s just started to happen, see what&#039;s changed. Is it just your site, or are other sites on the same computer slow too? Has IIS been patched, or a new IIS application been installed? Has a new site been placed on the computer, along with any software it needs?<BR><BR>You need to discuss this with your web host.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default RE: perhaps code red?

    The system has been patched for codered already...

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