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    Thanks for the replys the past two days, but I&#039;m still stuck with this Flash and ASP. <BR><BR>strsearch=Replace(request("begname"),"&#03 9;",""")<BR><BR>First, is there anything wrong with the line above that request a textbox named begname from Flash. I think that has to be the problem somehow. If I try<BR><BR>strsearch="mike"<BR><BR>then everything works. Maybe I need a line after the request line that converts the variable to a string?? I&#039;m lost :(<BR>Any ideas???

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    copy this exactly:<BR>strsearch=Replace(request("begname")," &#039;","&#039;&#039;")<BR><BR>The 3rd parameter is two apostrophes (or single qutoes) surrounded by double quotes.<BR><BR>You have one double quote surrounded by double quotes. That won&#039;t work.

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