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    I have a user login feature on a site I&#039;ve created. One of the users to the site, keeps emailing me and says he can&#039;t login. This user is located in SouthEast Asia. He keeps getting my page that tells him his username is not found. The database I use is SQL Server2000. I am able to log into his account from my computer...numerous ones, using 3 different operating systems: Win98, Win ME, Win2000, and 4 different browser versions IE4, IE5, IE5.5, IE6. The user who is having trouble is using IE5.<BR><BR> Does anyone know of any reason why this guy could be having problems, or issues with ASP, IIS, SQL Server, or even problems with that general area of SouthEast Asia? I have tried everything I can think of from preventing caching, to having him reregister. He could re register fine, and get into his account then, but when he tried to log back in, he was again not able to.<BR><BR>I am using basic ASP code that checks the db, and returns the value to the asp. Nothing fancy, or obscure.<BR>

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    Default character set?

    south east asia? suggests he may be on an asian character set - set up a page to log what he types in and ask him to visit THAT and stick in his details. it may be that his charset is mis-matched with that used by the server.<BR><BR>j

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