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    I have a generic functions file that is generated periodically by a shell script that is quite large - 3000+ lines. (it contains table functions that make getting an rs easy). Anyway, my nutty boss wants me to move it to the global.asa file instead of including it in every page. He thinks it is slowing the app as is, but I think the consequences of putting it in the .asa will be worse (inconsistent; maybe not even seen by the app; slower)<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default it won't be usable in global.asa

    tell your boss to stick to mumbling incomprehensably at meetings and you can stick to programming

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    I guess if a shell script periodically creates that thing then what I&#039;m about to suggest may not be workable, but I&#039;d break those 3,000 lines up into multiple files and only include what I needed at the top of the page &#039;cause 3,000 lines at the top of each page probably IS slowing the web server down considerably.<BR><BR>P.S. In addition to mumbling your boss also needs to read up on what the global.asa can be used for &#039;cause what he/she wants in this case is impossible.

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