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Thread: CSV, Can i validate from an HTML text box entery

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    Default CSV, Can i validate from an HTML text box entery

    Hi... <BR><BR>This may or may not be simple. <BR>What I want to do is have an HTML form with a text box... <BR>I want this to be able to have 9 or 10 times from a race to be this box in the form bellow, and then use an ASP script to take the values out one by one and store them into variables of the sort TUN_TIME_01 and RUN_TIME02 etc <BR><BR>text box input to be in this form <BR>19.02, 10.04, 18.97, 19.87, ..... <BR><BR>I hope this makes sense?!"£ <BR><BR>IF not mayby by saving the contents of the textbox to a text file, then opening and maybe interpreting it that way??? could comone give me some more advice<BR><BR><BR>(IF this is not possible can anyone help me with another way to do this that does not mean copying and pasting the times into separate text boxes as this takes a long time when there are hundreds of results....) <BR><BR><BR>PLEASE CAN SOME ONE HELP ME IT WOULD BE VERY VERY MUCH APRICIATED!! <BR><BR><BR>THANKS <BR>Tony (Acuum) <BR>

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    Default This is pretty basic...

    You just need to learn about the SPLIT function of VBScript. <BR><BR>Click on "VBScript Reference" in the left hand pane of this page.<BR>Click on "Functions" in the list of categories that appears.<BR>Scroll to and click on "Split".<BR><BR>Incidentally, you do *NOT* want to put the values into individual variables, such as RUN_TIME_01, etc. You want to learn how to use arrays. Another not-really-advanced topic, honest. (If you *did* manage to put them into individual variables, then how would you *USE* them??? Especially if you didn&#039;t know how many there were going to be???)<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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