Work-Around: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

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    PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:<BR>A single (one and only) ASP Page executes, instantiates ATL/COM objects (in a COM+ Application), releases the objects (all references), and completes execution without error (i.e., all zero counts in MMC). When I watch the Component Services Status View for object instance timeout, it "never" occurs (12 hours - still running - DLLHOST.EXE grows and grows). However, when I restart IIS (via MMC IISReset), exactly one minute later (the COM+ Application idle shutdown value), the package (consistently) times out (releasing DLLHOST.EXE memory). This problem goes completely away when ISAPI Application Caching is disabled since ASP.DLL is ISAPI (though this is not desirable due to the performance hit - it is a "stop-gap measure").<BR><BR>SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION:<BR>Running Win2000 Adv Server (w/SP2) on a Dual-Proc 500MHz HP LPR.<BR>Accessing a single ASP script which instantiates COM+ Application Objects (C++/ATL/COM).<BR>Session space is not used (nor is Application space) and is disabled.<BR>AspTrackThreadingModel enabled and disabled - no change.<BR>COM+ Application "Minutes until idle shutdown" is set to 1 minute.<BR>The Default Web Site is the only site.<BR>The ASP script resides and is accessed via a subdirectory beneath the Default Application Home Directory (Inetpubwwwrootmydirmy.asp). In other words, not a virtual directory.<BR>Application Protection is set to Low (IIS Process) but I&#039;ve tried changing this value with no success.<BR>All references to the instantiated objects have been released (i.e., all object activation counts are 0, in the Components Services MMC, after the page completes). I&#039;m checking Err.number after virtually every line of the ASP script - no errors.<BR><BR>QUESTION:<BR>It appears something in the ASP.DLL is holding reference to my COM+ Application causing a "Keep Alive" state to occur. In other words, my COM+ Application is not permitted to respect the specified "Minutes to idle shutdown" value due to something with ASP.DLL. Have you (or someone you know) experienced this (or something like it) before? Know of a solution?<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated!<BR>Jon<BR>

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    Any luck finding a solution. I have the exact same symptoms!!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>John

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