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    Ok..so here&#039;s my project.<BR><BR>I&#039;m building a Document Upload/Download Center (DDC)<BR><BR>Users need to be able to upload/download files. Duh!<BR><BR>I have the upload script working, and i&#039;m successfully writing files to a folder on the server. And my next plan was to use FileSystemObject to get details about these files, and put the values in a database.<BR><BR>Then, I would do queries on the database, and present the users with the files that have been uploaded.<BR><BR>I guess my question is- am I approaching this the right way? Is it better for me to use an upload script to put the files on the server, rather than save them into the database? Will I be able to use FSO after the file upload to get the information I want to write to the database?<BR><BR>Thanks for any insight!

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    Company: SoftArtisans Server-Side Componenet: SAFile-Up <BR><BR>Usually there&#039;s a link to them along the left of this message board. Click the "File Transfers" link and see what you get.<BR><BR>(I don&#039;t work for them, nor do I own any stock. I&#039;ve used the component and it&#039;s pretty cool.)<BR>

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    If you store the files in the DB, then in order for a person to extract anything other than a text file you will have to build a custom script for the download. And do binary reads and binary writes, which are tough to debug. And hope you don&#039;t screw up.<BR><BR>Not to mention, now you have to let ASP do all the download work.<BR><BR>If you simply use files, then all you have to do is provide an HTML link to them and, presto, the user can click on the link to download. It all happens without ASP involved.<BR><BR>Having said that... You always run the risk of your DB and the file system getting out of sync. For some reason, you delete a file and forget to delete the DB entry. Or vice versa. Or or or.<BR><BR>But that just means you need some kind of daily "clean up" script that runs through all the files listed in the DB and "touches" them via FSO just enough to verify that they are still there, in place, and (perhaps? why not?) the size of the file hasn&#039;t changed since the DB was told about it.<BR><BR>So... I&#039;d go the route you&#039;re going, but surely you&#039;ll see arguments just as strong the other way.<BR><BR>

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