We are getting the follow error on Event Viewer (NT4):<BR><BR>"The run-time environment has detected an inconsistency in<BR> its internal state and has terminated the process. Please<BR> contact Microsoft Product Support Services to report <BR>this error. Error 8007000E from <BR>CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream <BR>(Microsoft Transaction Server Internals Information: <BR>File: i:vipersrc
untimemtxexvipthrd.cpp, <BR>Line: 501)"<BR><BR>Event ID: 4097<BR>Source: Transaction Server<BR>Type/Category: Error/SVC<BR><BR>This is making the WWW services (WWW, FTP and SMTP) be down. <BR>We are suspecting of an COM VB) we are using...<BR><BR>Can you help us? Any help will be highly appreciated . <BR><BR>raphael.gomide@globalstar.com.br<BR>