Query sql server data with non zero strings

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Thread: Query sql server data with non zero strings

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    Mackie Guest

    Default Query sql server data with non zero strings

    How do you query sql server data that contains non zero strings and not lose records in the result?

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    Tim Snyder Guest

    Default Say again?


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    Default How do you lose records?????

    If your DB is losing records, something is desparately wrong, never mind what the query is doing!<BR><BR>Ummm....or do you only mean that you aren&#039;t getting all the records you expected in the recordset that results from a query??? That&#039;s not "losing" records...that&#039;s just not returning them from a query.<BR><BR>So which records are you not getting from the query? The ones *with* the non blank strings or the ones without?<BR><BR>And what is your query, anyway?<BR><BR>Psychotic we may be; psychic we&#039;re not.<BR><BR>

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    Default Like this.

    SQLQuery = "SELECT * FROM YourTableName"<BR><BR>Ta da. No records lost.<BR><BR>Not to be redundant, and beat a horse the other posters have already adaquately pounded, but care to enlighten us with a slightly more descriptive question now?<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>WT

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