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Thread: Passing Variables with Response.redirect

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    BMW m3 Guest

    Default Passing Variables with Response.redirect

    Passing Variables with Response.redirect<BR>is this possible?<BR>?<BR>i&#039;m not using a form method or action<BR>

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    neils Guest

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    You can pass variables in the URL like this:<BR><BR>response.redirect "somepage.asp?variablename=value"<BR><BR>and then retrieve them using request.querystring:<BR><BR>var = request.querystring("variablename")

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    Bmw M3 Guest

    Default Only problem with that is

    i&#039;m getting my value within a database.<BR>i tried response.redirect "somepage.asp?variablename=oRs(2)"<BR>but i keep on running into problems. help! :)<BR>

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    Default RE: Only problem with that is

    you have to make it asp eh<BR><BR>href="url.asp?varname=&#060;%response.wr ite(objRS("2"))%&#062;"<BR><BR>Thank you come again!

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    Default ignore prior message

    response.redirect "url.asp?varname=" & objRS("2")<BR><BR>Thank you come again!

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