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    The company I am with is struggling to stay in business and the future doesn&#039;t look good. I have quite a bit of time invested into this place, so, I want to stay until the end.<BR><BR>The problem is that we went from 15 developers (Senior, Mid and a junior person) down to 6 of us. Before the layoffs myself and another guy were the 2 "Senior Web Developers", the others were all just "Web Developers". Once the layoffs happened, they also instituted a salary freeze. When the yearly reviews came around, instead of giving raises, they gave "title"-promotions. We are all Senior Web Developers.<BR><BR>My frustration is that, other than the way our group works, in management eyes - I&#039;ve been lost in the crowd. I worry that when the end comes, my time and personal dedication will get lost behind the title.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve talked to my boss about a title change, something to differenciate myself and position. I lead most projects around here; I work on most of the more difficult tasks; and I, along with our Director of Product Development do research for new technologies to use and the such. Any suggestions for titles that would be fitting?

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    Project Manager<BR>or<BR>Senior Project Manager<BR>Or<BR>Very Senior Web Developer

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    Default or Twice Super Very Senior Web Developer


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    How about Senior Web Developer at another company where the title means something.<BR><BR>If you feel that "my time and personal dedication will get lost", it is time to move on.<BR><BR>I seem to have aquired the label "Technical Lead", but that doesn&#039;t change the fact that I am a senior web developer<BR><BR>-A

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