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    I am using an inner join in my sql statement. When i use this it gives me a major loop. I have used an inner loop where the where statement looks for an exact match. However with the one that is looping i am using a Like statement not an exact match statement in the where section.<BR>How can i go about debugging this so that i can get it to work?<BR><BR>here is the sql statement that is causing the problem<BR><BR>sql = "select Agency_Rep, AKA, id_no, Picture_1, Picture_2, Audio_slate, Audio_audition, Video_slate, Video_audition, Video_audition2, Video_audition3, Music_video, Attr_Type_Id, Agency_Name, Agency_Web_Address, Image FROM Auditionee INNER JOIN (EE_Attr INNER JOIN Agencies ON EE_Attr.User_no = Agencies.Agency_ID) ON Auditionee.id_no = EE_Attr.User_no where (((Auditionee.AKA)like&#039;" &Request("input")& "%&#039;));" <BR>

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    Default don't quite get what you mean?

    can you be more explicit?

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