hey guys, don&#039;t know if ASP can do this, but I figured that I would give you guys a shot anyway...<BR><BR>I have been tasked with making a document repository where the user can scroll through the various levels of stoarge like Explorer in Windows (tree based). Any user will be able to view the documents, but only the owner will be able to modify them. I need this to be able to store, modify, create new and delete documents. And it needs to be web facing so that is why I wanted to know if this is possible in ASP. Have any of you done something like is? I tried searching on 4guys, but came up with nothing. Maybe I didn&#039;t type in the right search. If you have done something like this, how much of a development effort was it? If not ASP, then what would you suggest (they want to try and develop it in-house before going and buying something). Any help would be appreciated.<BR>