I am trying to print from ASP script to an intranet printer. I am following instructions given at the site "http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/dnserv/html/server033099.asp?frame=true".<BR><BR>As in the example shown in the article, my code also has two lines as follows:<BR><BR> Set objWSHNet = CreateObject("WScript.Network")<BR> objWSHNet.AddPrinterConnection "LPT1", strPrinterPath, False, strUsername, strPassword<BR><BR>All the varibles are populated with values before reaching these statements. I am using "Administrator" userid (strUsername) and "\usrinigwNEDImagePrinter" for printer path.<BR><BR>While executing, ASP throws an error at second line. The error message reads like this:<BR>WSHNetwork.AddPrinterConnection (0x80070520)<BR>A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated. <BR><BR>Since WSH connection is acquired at first statement and AddPrinterConnection method is executed as second statement, there is no possiblity of terminating the session in the program. What is going on here? Any idea?<BR><BR>I am using Windows2000 Advanced Server, and Windows Scripting Host 5.5 version. I tried with the default version (2.0) of WSH, but that also resulted the same message.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help..