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    I am working with access database. I have a series of forms that store information in three different tables. I am using hidden fields in my forms to pass the values from one form to another. It works fine but i need to add navigation buttons on those forms (previous next). I have tried to use the browser buttons but it looses the data as soon as make a change. Someone has suggested to use temporary tables.<BR>I was wondering if it is possible with access. And how it it done.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I don&#039;t even know how temp tables work in access, but I&#039;m pretty sure you don&#039;t want to use them. You&#039;re trying to persist information across pages which is what a Session variable is for. <BR><BR>I&#039;m not saying Session variables are the best solution, but that would be the more appropriate equivalent to temp tables. <BR><BR>Sounds like you&#039;re going in the right direction w/ hidden fields. Make your navigation links submit buttons for a form that holds those hidden fields and you should be able to get your values on the next page.

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