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    I have the following code to retrive some infomation from a form:<BR><BR>BolGroupe = request.form("groupe")<BR>If not BolGroupe then BolGroupe = request.querystring("Groupe")<BR><BR>Groupe is the name of a checkbox that is set to Value="True" if it&#039;s checked, this work fine.<BR><BR>How-ever, sometimes I must also use a link and then I need to store info in url, when checkbox is checked I get a link that looks something like this : http://something/file.asp?groupe=True which also works ok. The problem is when I use a link and the checkbox is not true, then I get a link that looks something like this : http://something/file.asp?groupe= and then I get this error :<BR><BR>Type mismatch: &#039;BolGrupper&#039; in this line :<BR>If not BolGroupe then BolGroupe = request.querystring("Groupe")<BR><BR>Any thoughts ?

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    Imran qureshi Guest

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    try:<BR><BR>BolGroupe = cbool( request.form("groupe") )<BR><BR>if len(bolgroupe) &#062; 0 then<BR>BolGroupe = true<BR>else<BR>BolGroupe = false<BR>end if

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    milind Guest

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    it&#039;s intended behavior . nothing will be passed if the check box will not be checked/ON . so accordingly code your script when you check in the next page what&#039;s there in the query string . <BR><BR>check if group = True else assign empty string to BolGroupe .<BR><BR>hih mils

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