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Thread: these cookies are killing me!!

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    Sergio Guest

    Default these cookies are killing me!!

    This is very urgent, please somebody help.<BR><BR>i need to store some real large info in the cookies, but my cookies dont seem to store that much. i dont know what happening.<BR><BR>i write to the cookies with:<BR>&#060;%response.cookies("text4")("text4_b ody")=request("text4_body")%&#062;<BR>and everything works fine on my win2000 IIS, but when i upload it to the real server it stops working.<BR><BR>is this because i write cookies in the server side? i dont know the difference? will this work if i write cookies on the client side? and what is the difference between two? any help would be very much appreciated.<BR><BR>please tell me if you know how to solve this.<BR>

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    there is no difference between writing server side and client side cookies - try setting some of the cookie properties on the server side asp script, such as the "domain" where the cookie should be valid within..<BR><BR>also, test using a different browser and/or a diffreent pc/mac altogether

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    I had the same problem and it seems that my inhouse machine was running ver5 of IIS and the webserver was running ver4 of IIS<BR><BR>My solution was to put the cookie information before the &#060;HEAD&#062; and it worked.<BR><BR>TRY IT FOR YOURSELF

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    sergio Guest

    Default thanks

    thanks a lot for replies, but i have already changed all the cookies into session variables and this way it works perfectly. i guese this will be this way for now.

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