ASPTear only load from first file???

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Thread: ASPTear only load from first file???

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    Default ASPTear only load from first file???

    I want to send mail to someone, when the mail body is result of an asp file.<BR>When I use this :<BR><BR>Set xobj = CreateObject("SOFTWING.ASPtear")<BR><BR>str = xobj.Retrieve("", 1, "", "", "")<BR><BR>Dim mySmartMail<BR>Set mySmartMail = Server.CreateObject("aspSmartMail.SmartMail")<BR>m ySmartMail.Server = ""<BR>mySmartMail.SenderName = "Egang"<BR>mySmartMail.SenderAddress = "EgangMail"<BR>mySmartMail.Recipients.Add ""<BR>mySmartMail.Subject = "Mail"<BR>mySmartMail.ContentType = "text/html"<BR>mySmartMail.Body = str<BR>mySmartMail.SendMail<BR>Set MySmartMail = Nothing<BR>Set strResult = Nothing<BR>Set xObjr = Nothing<BR><BR><BR>It works (it send to the mail, the body mail is a lot of different picture, based on the querystring (id)), but when I change the "aspfile.asp" it send the "aspfile.asp" BEFORE I change, so it is not read the last file. How can i solve this problem? Please help me! Thank You!<BR><BR>

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    In my experience ASPTear seems to cache the previous page if the address hasn&#039;t changed, so if you repeatedly call aspfile.asp?id=7 aspfile.asp is changing but the display isn&#039;t.<BR><BR>The way I got around this was to add random chars to the querystring to make it think it was calling a different page everytime, i.e.:<BR><BR>aspfile.asp?id=7#12499249<BR><BR>Or you could try putting the no-cache stuff in the aspfile.asp (see the FAQs on the left)

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