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Thread: Treating an html listbox like a windows listbox

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    Default Treating an html listbox like a windows listbox

    I have a question I need some help with. Do you have a javascript that will make an html selectbox/pulldown menu (&#060;select) behave like a select box in word? By that I mean the font selection listbox. What I need to do is display a large amount of data, and to make the selection of the proper entry I need to have them be able to type in the first few letters of item in question. The browser does this for the first letter, but not for any subsequesnt letters. <BR><BR>For example, a select box that contains<BR><BR>AAA<BR>ABB<BR>ACC<BR>ACD<BR>BBB<BR >BCC<BR>DDD<BR>DEE<BR><BR><BR>would guide the user to the fourth entry (ACD) when the combination A - C - D was entered.<BR><BR>I know I&#039;ve seen this done somewhere, but for the life of me I can&#039;t remember where.<BR><BR>Any help would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>sf

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    Default can't be done that way

    it can sort of be done by putting a text box next to it for partial input. I thin I put a demo of this on a while ago.<BR><BR>or yoiu may be able to find an activeX control/java applet which does the trick.<BR><BR>j

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