I was reading the article, http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/tips/t022800-1.shtml, and it was talking about redirecting the user when a session expires. Something I am really looking for.<BR><BR>But looking at the lines of codes:<BR>...<BR>Response.AddHeader "Refresh",CStr(CInt(Session.Timeout + 1) * 60)<BR>Response.AddHeader "cache-control", "private"<BR>Response.AddHeader "Pragma","No-Cache"<BR>Response.Buffer = TRUE<BR>Response.Expires = 0<BR>Response.ExpiresAbsolute = 0<BR><BR>If (Session("Authenticated") &#060;&#062; Session.SessionID) Then<BR> Session("RequestedURL") = "http://" & _<BR> Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME") & _<BR> Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")<BR><BR> Temp = Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING")<BR> If (Not(ISNull(Temp)) AND Temp &#060;&#062; "") Then<BR> Session("RequestedURL") = Session("RequestedURL") & _<BR> "?" & Temp<BR> End If<BR> Response.Redirect("/login.asp")<BR>End If<BR>...<BR><BR>I thought I only have to modify the second to last line of code to the url I want and that is it. I tested it and it obviously didn&#039;t work. The login page is still present after entering the correct info to the forms. What can I do?<BR><BR>Also, I tried using session.abandon but when I refreshed the page with the refresh button, it would redirect the user to the login (yes!) but the url is still the url of the destination page (no!). Same thing happened when I used the session.timeout = 1. <BR>