I am having a problem using wildcard characters in a query in ADO on a Win2K machine. The query is quite complicated but it boils down to a SELECT FROM WHERE field LIKE &#039;*asdf*&#039;. The database I am connecting to is MS Access - which is why I use the * and not a % sign. Here is the kicker. The query works fine on ANY NT4 server. It also works on certain 2K servers. However most 2K servers return 0 results - even though I know there are some. Ironically if I replace the * with a % in the query it works fine on those servers (and breaks on all the other ones that worked before).<BR><BR>I have been trying in vain to figure out what makes certain 2K servers different than others. I tried latest service packs, MDAC, and every other thing I can think of. Does anyone have ANY idea what could be causing this or how to fix it. I can&#039;t change all my ASP pages from * to % because that breaks it on some servers and fixes it on others. Help! <BR><BR>Scott<BR>swhite@accent-graphics.net