When I go into IIS, and set up so I can execute a COM object (ActiveX DLL) from an ASP page, I can no longer edit and save ASP pages in that web from Visual Interdev, using existing V.I. projects that reference that web. I get this error message in V.I. (even though V.I. does save the file in the local visual studio project):<BR><BR>Cannot update the file ‘C:lahlah.asp’. Server error: The folder “/webname” is marked executable. You are not allowed to put files into an executable folder on this server.<BR><BR>When I set my web up so I can edit ASP pages correctly, I get the following error in IE when I try to access a COM object from an ASP page in that web:<BR><BR>HTTP 403.1 Forbidden: Execute Access Forbidden<BR>Internet Information Services<BR> <BR>Technical Information (for support personnel)<BR>· Background:<BR>You have attempted to execute a CGI, ISAPI, or other executable program from a directory that does not allow programs to be executed.<BR><BR>How can I set up IIS/Visual Interdev so I can execute COM objects AND edit my ASP pages? I am running Win2K Pro on a workstation, to do development and testing of ASP code.<BR>