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    Hi -<BR>I am setting up a database system on NT. I have an &#060;INPUT TYPE="file"&#062; in my form. I can read out the path of the file that is selected using javascript. The problem is, this path points to the place on the client machine hard drive. Is there a way to convert this to a UNC pathname? <BR><BR>For example, say that there is a shared directory on a network server called meeting_minutes. Say John Doe comes along and wants to enter the path to the minutes from yesterday&#039;s meeting. When he uses the file box, the path that is retrieved will be something like y:
    otesmeeting_minutesmeeting72401. What I need is something like \server_name..
    otesmeeting_minutesmeeting72401. If I am going to store the path to the file, having a user&#039;s drive mapping in the database doesnt make the file retrivable for anyone else.<BR><BR>Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Sadly I'd say

    you are out of luck. The only thing you could do is make the user go through the network icon in the dialog box to get at the file. However if they don&#039;t understand or know which server it is then...

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