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    Default Onclick open new window

    I want to open a window on click of a button I have written<BR>onclick="Javascript:window.location(&#0 39;Default.asp&#039;)<BR><BR>But does not work

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default javascript forum

    onclick=javascript:document.location.href=&#039;wh erever.asp&#039;;<BR><BR>www.irt.org for javascript questions.

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    Default or for a new window...

    try<BR><BR>onclick="Javascript:window.open(&#039;d efault.asp&#039;)"

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    Default RE: javascript forum

    I want to submit this form so that i can request.form these values in the next form. But my action tag had some other form so what should i do. I have made save button as &#039;submit&#039; type so now how do I collect the values in the next form

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