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    Default could any please

    read this thread?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Looking for some help<BR>Thanks

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    Default Well I'm not sure if

    there is any software available to create this functionality however could do something relatively simple on your own.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s how I&#039;d approach it:<BR><BR>1. Create a template html file with the elements needed for their page, eg image placeholder, tables, p tags etc. get it how you like ie organization etc, leave background color black. plain font eg arial etc.<BR>2. Create another page identical to the first but instead replace all the dynamic (ie user customizable) html tags with<BR>placeholders eg **ImageTag** instead of &#060;img src="images/picture.jpg"&#062; etc<BR>3. Can now delet the original template although I&#039;d keep it incase you decide to change the layout.<BR>4. Set up a form that takes input from the user as to background color picture to use etc.<BR>5. On submit create a directory under your website with name = teachername say, and an images folder under that.<BR>6. Copy image to use into images folder under the teachers folder (could allow them to upload images if really want to be fancy or just oick from your own)<BR>7. Open template 2 with the file system object read contents into string, replace placeholders as necessary, can replace with spaces if don&#039;t pick a picture say etc. (this is why nedd second template, as can wype out html tags if not needed). I&#039;d use css for backgrounds etc easier to deal with I think.<BR>8. Write page to teachers folder as default.htm<BR>9. Update your list of teacher pages in your db etc so can have link on homepage of your site.<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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