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Thread: Running an Access Macro from an ASP page

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    Default Running an Access Macro from an ASP page

    I&#039;m looking for a way to run a simple Macro created in Access from an ASP page.<BR>What I need to do is take the info contained in an Access Table, and transfer it to an Excel spreadsheet. An access macro command, TransferSpreadsheet does this easily, and I&#039;d like to take advantage of this from within an ASP page.<BR>Is this something I can do? <BR>Any ideas would be appreciated<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Default Not possible!!!

    It just does not work that way. ADO, OLEDB, ODBC, etc only serve one common purpose and that is to give other programs access to the data. Macros, User-defined module, form and reports can only be used from within MS Access to develop desktop applications.<BR><BR>To do what you want, all you need is to open a connection to your Access DB and another connection to your Excel SS. Then you open a recordset on each and read from one and write to the other. No big deal, and could probably be achieved in 50 lines of code.<BR><BR>If you have only developed desktop apps in MS Access, and you are now wanting to achieve similar thing in ASP, you should take with you all that you have learned about Table, Views, and SQL, but forget the rest.

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