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Thread: Use of Classes and Objects - Should I?

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    Default Use of Classes and Objects - Should I?

    Howdy to all,<BR><BR>I am seriously contemplating converting many of my ASP pages to custom ASP objects. I have the scripting engine, and the knowhow from the article I read here.<BR><BR>What the article does not discuss is what the primary benefit is. Is there a major performance benefit in encapsulating functionality into an object model, or is more of an organizational upside (only 1 place to modify code)?<BR><BR>Your time in answering my question is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

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    Wasabi Guest

    Default it's compiled

    into a dll when you use activeX and COM. This is faster because it is in the native language that Intel Processors like and doesn&#039;t have to be converted, here&#039;s a sample..<BR><BR>0010101101000101001011001010101001 01010101010101001010101000101010101010100101010101 01001001001000100001000100001010100010001001010101 01101110110101110<BR><BR>That will give you a recordset of all of the files on your computer.. ;-)<BR>Wasabi

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    Hi Wasabi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m not using COM per se, nor ActiveX - in the article on 4Guys, one can create custom objects, properties, methods, etc just like you can in VB, but using VBScript. In the example provided in the article, the author breaks up a "TVShow" object into several custom made pieces.<BR><BR>I also program VB, so I understand the vast benefit to using DLLs and COM as opposed to straight code for an application. However, this wouldnt seem to be the same benefit for ASP, because in the example, the author provides an include for what in VB would be the Class module. If anything, the more I think about it, it would be more of a burden on the server, because - <BR>1) I have to instantiate an additional custom object,<BR>2) I have to give it an include to read (if I dont throw it into the Global.ASA file)<BR>3) Unless I am misunderstanding the way it works, each time I want to reference an objects property/use a method, it has to run the custom code to do so<BR><BR>Am I off base here?

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    Default In Win2k, COM is a bit overrated... certain areas. Several tests have shown that standard ASP and ADO often perform faster than ASP/COM/ADO for the exact same functions.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know if I&#039;d put the majority of my site in VBScript classes. I&#039;d probably reserve that functionality for objects should have properties and methods. These objects would also be used to hold several instances of itself.

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