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    Does anyone know of any free applications that will test a websites cross-browser/platform functionality? I want to know what a website will look like say on a mac ie but i do not have a mac.<BR><BR>thanks in advance.

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    there&#039;s nothing really - you&#039;re stuck with<BR><BR>a) buying every platform you&#039;re targeting<BR>b) asking friends to test, or for a loan of their desk for an hour<BR>c) trawling the net endlessly for compatibility articles (go from www.webstandards.org for starters<BR>d) asking on usenet for testing and risking being flamed ten times over<BR>e) winging it and adding a &#039;report bug&#039; feature<BR><BR>it&#039;s a pain in the *** to do, which is why the web standards project has such strong support<BR><BR>personally, I use a mixture of a) and c) - my desk currently sports three machines - win2k, NT4 and an iMac. one is being formatted shortly to run Linux, and I may add another iMac for OSx testing eventually. It&#039;s a big desk. Luckily my firm foots the bill - i couldn&#039;t afford that at home...

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