Caching RecordSet/Query - HOW????

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Thread: Caching RecordSet/Query - HOW????

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    Default Caching RecordSet/Query - HOW????

    I have a query that is being executed everytime user comes to default.asp page. I was wondering if there is a way I can Cache the query/recordset, so page download will be much faster. There, apparently, seems to be such a feature that is available in ColdFusion (cache recordset/query upto 12 hours). <BR><BR>Any help, would be appreciated

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    Default HERES HOW????

    Stick the recordset in the application scope, for everyone to use.<BR><BR>Application("GlobalRecordSet") = rsFreqUsedData<BR><BR>There you go, thats better isn&#039;t, what? you&#039;re worried about long term memory usage/scalibility? Ok then, create a VIEW in SQL server with the query that creates the recordset, that&#039;ll speed things up.

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