OK -- I know this is very basic but, I am having a time with this.<BR> <BR>I have a frame page with a top, side, and main section. I have links in the side.htm page that load pages within the "main" section using target="main". <BR><BR>The first time one link is clicked the page (which is an ASP page) is loaded. The code checks for login and redirects if necessary and comes back -- this all works all in the "main" frame. The ASP page (loaded into the "main" frame) creates a list of hyperlinks where target is omitted. Clicking on one of the hyperlinks loads a new ASP page in the "main" frame -- this is good. <BR><BR>NOW, when I click on another link in the "side" frame it opens in a new window -- not in the "main" frame -- ignoring the target="main". What gives? <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Charles