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    Hi,<BR><BR>Im trying to open a NEW window after a form gets submitted. Does anyone know the code that might do this... Heres what I have to date but all it is doing is opening a new window and not submitting the values which the called page requires...<BR>All help appreciated.<BR><BR>if( lue == "FORACTIONNB")<BR> {<BR> var newWin ="ForActionNewBusinessDetails.asp");<BR > document.frmMain.submit();<BR> }<BR><BR>

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    Default Don't use

    ...if you want to simply open up a new window an submit the results of a form posting there, you just do:<BR><BR>&#060;FORM Name="Whatever" TARGET="NewWindowName" Action="something.asp"&#062;<BR>...<BR>&#060;/FORM&#062;<BR><BR>The TARGET= in the &#060;FORM&#062; tag does the trick for you!<BR><BR>

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