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    hi<BR>Iam implementing N&#039;compass resolution(Microsoft Content Management Server 2001) for one of the internet site which has 14000 pages. I have .asp,.html and .met <BR>files.<BR>1).asp consists of the Template<BR>2).html consists of the content and <BR>3).met consists of the metadata which is used for search.<BR><BR>I have all the files in the site in the above format i mean <BR>for e.g<BR>1) x.asp,x.html,x.met<BR>2)y.asp,y.html,y.met<BR>3)z. asp,z.html,z.met and so on<BR><BR>What i want is to read all these files by using FSO or some other component and put it into<BR>Microsoft Content Management Server 2001 which has the Template designer.<BR><BR>Please send me the code or suggest me some alternatives as to how can i accomplish this.<BR>Thanks

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    Default Free Code For Everyone!

    We&#039;d be happy to give you free code! Not.

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    Default Isn't It Ironic

    The title of this post said "Quick Question" yet is asking for full source?

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    Default Yeah I really do think <eop>

    I mean, yeah, he said "source code" OR a site with examples, but I see "can I have the source code?" and I just ignore everything else :).

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