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    Nathan Masek Guest

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    Is there any way I can get a DIFFERENT random number each time a script is run ...<BR><BR>The answer I got before gave me a random number but the same one each time.<BR><BR>

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    Default try

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    Wasabi Guest

    Default you could always

    multiply it by the time right now... like the seconds or something... just an idea.<BR><BR>Wasabi

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    Wasabi Guest

    Default Code

    Randomize<BR>Dim iRnd<BR>iRnd = CDbl(Rnd*Seconds(Now)+MINIMUM_VALUE_WANTED) Mod MAXIMUM_VALUE_WANTED

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    Nathan Masek Guest

    Default RE: Code

    Thanks ....<BR>I used something similar to that .... except I just did <BR><BR>&#039; rand is my static random number<BR>random = Int(rand * Time)<BR><BR><BR>

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    Wasabi Guest

    Default cool... but

    that&#039;s exactly what I said!<BR><BR>;-)<BR><BR>Wasabi

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    Nathan Masek Guest

    Default Yes ...

    but I used "Time" instead of "Seconds(Now)"<BR><BR>Making my script superior! =]<BR><BR>j/k

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