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Thread: ** Multiple Check Boxs on a Form!! HELP PLEASE!!!

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    Hi Guys,<BR>Need some help here.<BR>Ok this is what i have.<BR>===========================<BR>I have a FORM.<BR>there is 4 text feilds <BR><BR>but i have MULTIPLE CHECK BOXs about 20 in all.<BR><BR>im am submitting to a confirmation type page.<BR>and i want to write the vaules of the text feilds and check boxes<BR>from the FORM to the confirmation page.<BR><BR>i have the text feilds working fine. &#060;%=Request.Form("cust_name")%&#062;<BR><BR>bu t how do i get the check boxs value to write to the page. some may be checked,<BR>so may not!<BR>there is 20 in all. with different vaules.<BR><BR>any ideas????? please i am really really really stuck on this one!!<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Jay

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    If it is checked, print to the screen, if not, then don&#039;t. Am I missing something here or do you just not want to have alot of if statements? You could try reading them all into an array, then using a for loop to go through and print out the ones that are checked.

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