Javascript to VBScript - Does anyone know???

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Thread: Javascript to VBScript - Does anyone know???

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    Default Javascript to VBScript - Does anyone know???

    I need to know how can i use the javascript varibles values to be used by vbscript.<BR><BR>The Problem that requires the above solution needs to fill a listbox based on the value as selected by the user that existed in the listbox. It not all i know many of you may suggest me to use arrays for the same but here the first listbox is filled from the database and when the user makes a selection from it the values in the other listbox are filled for selction where a user may then further chjoose multiple values.<BR><BR>I have a solution where i used used in conjunction with vbscript. It was a solution availble at 4guys itself and was related to the listbox value filling but it all comes out to be fairly time consuming as the form altogether is quite lengthy which cannot be broken and there are over 1400 values among which the appropriate values for the selection against the first <BR>listbox ae chosen. In the current solution i use it fetches all the 1400 values and then associates them with the value selected from the 1st listbox and hence there fetches all 1400 values on the HTML pages and by the time it does that the users are gone because it becomes too time consuming.<BR><BR>I want a simple enough solution where i may just be able to use the values selected in the first listbox and then use it to fetch the appropriate values from the database for filling the 2nd listbox?<BR><BR>Can ther be any solutions using jscript and vbscript.<BR><BR>Tell me if any of you know it.<BR><BR>p.s: any of you could also get to me if you have any troubles and if i can be of any help to any of you.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default explain : client or server-side

    or a mixture?

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