Folks,<BR>it nice to ask one more question to the group. we are developing mini ERP Package with following architecture...<BR>IIS,Sql2000, win2000,asp2.0,vc++ atl com (oledb).<BR><BR>Due to some reason we have given one module of project to sub contractor. They have developed the module in the same architecture but there is small mismatch that they used the vc++ atl com but using the ADO provider. I believe there should not be any problem during the integration but I&#039;m just wondering is there any performance problem will arise when client actually used the system with real data. <BR><BR>Because the scenario will be something like that, you will be calling the method from the oledb com1 to adodb com2. will it slow the process or make any funny threading?<BR><BR>thanks<BR>ravi<BR>