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    &nbsp;<BR> I am creating a Noticeboard for a collage project<BR> and I just want to get a few thing right in my head before I start I am using an IIS server and a access database and asp pages. The way i thing it will work is that the database and the asp pages are stored on the IIS server. the client then downloads the asp pages using there browser. could you tell me if this structure is correct<BR><BR>thanks for all your help

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    Default RE: creating a noticeboard

    Are you joking?<BR><BR>I&#039;d suggest your noticeboard be a piece of chip board screwed to the reception wall

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    Default Not entirly correct

    Well, actually totally wrong but ok.<BR><BR>The start (IIS, Access, ASP) is good but I think you misunderstood the concept. You have to set up an intranet with the IIS server as the webserver, on this intranet you create an "website" with asp-pages. People just call up the asp-pages from the webserver with their browser. (e.g. http://INTRANET/noticeboard/default.asp)<BR><BR>I would like to say that it&#039;s perhaps better you do a little more R&D into the IIS/websites etc. before you start to build your own asp pages.<BR><BR>Peter

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