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    Hi all,<BR>I am modifying an intranet app to work on the internet, and am having probs converting the following.<BR>I have a few sections which are displayed as high level headings, click on the heading, and all subgroups are displayed. I am using "style=&#039;display:none;&#039;" and a unique Id in the div id section, with an onClick events which does the following:-<BR><BR>function OpenDisplay(targetElement) {<BR> targetElement = document.all(targetElement);<BR> if ( == "none") {<BR> = "";<BR> } else {<BR> = "none";<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>What I need someone to help me with is having an equivalent for use with netscape. I can work out what browser is being used, I just can&#039;t acheive the effect.<BR>Thanks for any help<BR>Bob

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    Bob.<BR><BR>I take it that this is one of your first "Internet" projects. There&#039;s no direct equivalent of display: none in Netscape 4.7x. Netscape 6 should work properly though, but make sure ALL of your JavaScript has the exactly correct syntax as Netscape 6 does not report JavaScript errors, it just stops running JavaScript.<BR><BR>You could attempt to do the same kind of thing using layers and hiding them. That would work in Netscape. It would mean, however, that you would need to do some quite hefty DHTML work.<BR><BR>The other possibility is to do something a bit less graphical - when the click the heading, open a popup with the subgroups listed. If they click a subgroup, do whatever you would normally. If the popup loses focus, close it again.<BR><BR>Not as nice, I&#039;ll grant you... But it would work.<BR><BR>Craig.

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