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    Hello group,<BR>I am trying to make an asp-page which shows an outline for an contribution to a conference. The data comes from an database and renders correctly, except for the memo field with the outline text. The memo field contains some html-code for formatting, but the &#060; and &#062; are all turned into &lt; and &gt; as can be seen on:<BR>http://www.bite2001.nl/test/content/programme/contribution.asp?ID=2<BR>Does anybody know a solution?<BR><BR>Marc Dankers<BR>http://www.bite2001.nl<BR>m.dankers@stud.tue.nl

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    Sorry but I can&#039;t see anything wrong on the URL you supplied. Everthing seems to be OK. Could you be a little bit more specific?<BR><BR>Peter

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    can&#039;t see the error, explain again.

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