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    rene Guest

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    there was a funny thread abt retrieving images.<BR>but gosh to retrieve... images got to be in there...<BR>How do we do store using ASP and SQLserver!<BR><BR>inserting it directly into SQLServer.. we would be giving in the link to that image..but is there anything like getchunk etc., in VB to do it here<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default easiest way is...

    .. with an upload component - SA-FileUp has the ability to do this easily. you&#039;ll find a tutorial on it at<BR>

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    Rene Guest

    Default thanx

    thanx and lemme look into it...hey btw.. the site is by u Atrax!<BR>Great! and thanx for the good help

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    Default READ THIS!! (Storing images) choose ABC UPLOAD.<BR><BR>this is supercool!!!

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