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    URL is Request.ServerVariables("URL") which comes out to be,<BR>/MIS/AP/Default.asp<BR><BR>Purpose: <BR>-----------<BR>I want to check against a db <BR>if a user has access to this directory path.<BR><BR>Need from URL:<BR>----------------<BR> /MIS/AP/<BR><BR>What I have done so far:<BR>------------------------------<BR>strURL = Request.ServerVariables("URL")<BR>urlParse = split(strURL, "/", -1, 1)<BR>urlValidate = "/" & urlParse(1) & "/" & urlParse(2) & "/"<BR><BR>If this works, then why do I post?<BR>------------------------------------<BR>I&#039;m wondering if there is a better way for me to do this.<BR>Is there a function I&#039;m missing that will just drop the default.asp and give me the remainder?<BR><BR>Thanks!!!<BR><BR>Reed

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    Default urlParse=Left(strURL,inStrRev(strURL,"/"

    urlParse = Left( strURL, inStrRev( strURL, "/" ) )<BR>

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    Default Thanks for the help!


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