Dear all,<BR><BR>I have an asp app that instantiates objects. I would like to know <BR><BR>1.)<BR>if once the object is being created (through createobject() or server.createobject() ) and the process has not completed yet, will the object be automatically destroyed once the page times out (by server.scripttimeout or session.timeout?), or once the user navigates out the page?<BR><BR>2.)<BR>once the object is being created, can ASP terminate the object creation process? how?<BR><BR>One of the sample case is that suppose that user accidently hits a button that triggers a (long) report creation and he/she wishes to cancel it. How would he/she do that?<BR><BR>Any supporting technical reference would be of great help too. Thank you.<BR><BR>-Ben<BR>