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    I was wondering what everyone thought was the best Upload to use for uploading a image. Should I use EZupload, or is there something else out there that is FREE that I could use?<BR><BR>I was trying to use EZUpload, but ran into a problem with renaming the file throught the object. <BR><BR>Also once I uploaded how would I overwrite the existing file? Simply rename the file on upload something like "mypic.gif" every time so that it would overwrite it?<BR><BR>From,<BR><BR>Paul

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    I can&#039;t say anything about the best component to upload images...but about the second question...I guess you also have to use the FileSystem Object to check if there is already an existing file with that name. If yes then give it a new name with the ezupload component if possible. <BR>

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