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    Default Does Anybody have any clue

    as to why, when i enter my query in query analyzer, i get back 41 records.. then when i run that same query in asp and get back no records.. it&#039;s the damndest thing. i&#039;ve printed out the query, copied it from the browser and pasted it into QA and got 41 records... thought that maybe it was not formatted correctly in its pure form, so i even viewed source and copied the query from notepad and pasted it into the QA and it returned 41 records... the freaking thing has me baffled, i tell ya. no errors... just no records. the rs is not getting set to nothing anywhere either, or closed for that matter. Only God knows why... Any help or suggestions will be looked at tomorrow, and are greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Wasabi

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    Default keyword as field name?

    I dunno how you could use a keyword as a field name that wouldn&#039;t cause an error, but if you could...<BR><BR>The query analyzer is too darned internally puts [...] around anything it thinks is a field name (or table name) and so hides the error message (or odd result?) that you would get doing the query from ASP (or via any other standard SQL connection).<BR><BR>

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    Default Holy Crap Maybe!!!

    i forget the query right now (at home) but tomorrow i&#039;ll look at it, i know i use date and forget if i put the [] around it again... i did it for the original query (the new one is more efficient). Thanks a lot!!!<BR><BR>Wasabi

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