A friend of mine was asking me if it&#039s still considered "bad" to use the object html tag inside of global.asa. Apparently he does this, and therefore it assigns a connection object to global scope. I didn&#039t realize that&#039s what would happen if you put things in global.asa, but the more important point is that I told him the various snippets I&#039ve heard here and there -- that it&#039s still a degradation in performance to put a connection object in application scope (or whatever). However, he was asking for any concrete evidence as to this.<BR><BR>I did point out the problems that would come if he started using SQL server as the data source ... stuff like @@identity returning incorrect info if there are concurrent users, etc. And of course the problem if the app was scaled across multiple servers. <BR><BR>However, it&#039s got me wondering... <BR><BR>1) Does it put objects in application scope when you use the object tag?<BR>2) Are there articles somewhere with concrete evidence to show why doing this is not as efficient as using per-page connection objects?