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    Jon Guest

    Default Xanderno. . .

    RE: M=272617&F=20&P=1<BR>______________________<BR><BR >. . . so you really don&#039;t work as a fastfood drive-through person?! Hehe... :)<BR><BR>But seriously, that&#039;s gotta be nice working at a job with so much diversity. What type of experience did you have prior? (if I may ask. :) )

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    Kristin Hedge Guest

    Default Fry basket guy ;)<eop>


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    Kristin Hedg Guest

    Default And before that....

    Britney Spears roadie.

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    Jon Guest

    Default LOL

    . . . so the phrase, &#039;do you want fries with that?&#039; is commonplace?! <BR>; )<BR><BR>

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    Default Don't forget...

    Porch Monkey

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    Jon Guest

    Default :-O

    To much info! <BR>

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    Default Heh...Nope....

    No fast food experience in *my* work history. (Kristin is just jealous) :-p<BR><BR>A couple of years auditing hospitals&#039; Medicare cost reports is the only post-collegiate work experience that I had. That, I had done some side-line work for about a year with the firm that I am now with, doing financial anaylsis work-ups on a couple of their clients, and consults on management pocedures and controls for one of their clients. (Oh, and I built them a couple of databases in my spare time)<BR><BR>My real foot in the door was the fact that I had known one of the partners for 15+ years....Ever since i was in elementry school.

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    Default Ok, so 15 + years

    while in elementary would make you...<BR>What? bewteen 21 & 27?<BR>And I can admit it, I worked at Rawnchy Ron&#039;s when I was in 9th grade. You&#039;re just in denial ;)

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    Jon Guest

    Default Yeah. . .

    . . . that would be a huge foot in the door. It&#039;s incredable what a few contacts do for a person in the workfield, isn&#039;t it? :)<BR><BR>I&#039;m still working on mine... I was pretty lucky to run into the job that I&#039;m working in now. I&#039;m still pursuing a degree in Business Admin and classes to prepare me for the CPA exam. But while I&#039;m here, and after a few off-the-wall thoughts mentioned to my boss, I&#039;m doing the web design for my college, and doing some part-time web design for various small churches around the state. I&#039;m hoping that the job experience and the certification, (that is, *if* I pass the CPA exam... at $500 a pop I sure as heck hope I pass the first time.. eh..), that I can get around not having many contacts...

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    Jon Guest

    Default LOL

    . . . so you *are* jealous!! hehe

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